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The participants get experience of waste management and waste sorting in the form of a fun game. They take responsibility for the cleaned area while getting to know each other and doing a good deed together. 100-200 people collect 2-6 tons of litter for one game. Half of it is usually recycled.

The Clean Games are team competitions on collecting litter and sorting it out that are held in the littered areas. The winners get the prizes from the sponsors. The event is approved by the local authorities.

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Dmitry Ioffe

Основатель и руководитель проекта

Владимир Иоффе

Технический директор проекта

Виктория Иоффе

Координатор по регионам, наш методист!

Аня Миронова

Администратор многих чистых игр, один из организаторов самой первой игры

Степан Тезюничев

IT-директор. И просто дает хорошие советы

Катя Семенихина

Наш пиарщик


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Dmitry Ioffe