«Garbage Battle! Clean Games in Sanya»
Sanya (Hainan, China), Houhai Bay 23 February, 4:00 PM
组织者: Сергей Волк
参与者: 84
垃圾袋数: 167
垃圾的总重量: 1.2 吨


Time : 2019.2.23 (Saturday), 16:00 - 18:00 Location : Sanya Deep Bay Content : Garbage fight! + Clean Games Lecture + Beach Environmental Protection The applicants will receive the download link of the Chinese version of the Garbage Mobile App, becoming the first person in China to experience the Clean Games game! According to the scores of each team, the team will select the first, second and third prize teams and obtain precious prizes! All participants will receive an event certificate from Blue Ribbon and Clean Games!

Cost : 30 yuan, including materials, tea break (snack fruit), drinking water

Excludes: Sanya to Deep Bay traffic, dinner, drinks