«Lagos Clean Games»
Onigbongbo, Lagos, Nigeria 10 August 2019, 7:00
Organizer: Gafar Olorunleke Odubote
Status: Canceled
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Dear all,

JCI Eko will be hosting Clean Games on August 10th, 2019 in Onigbongbo community in Lagos, Nigeria as part of its build up to World Cleanup Day.

Clean games is a concept of cleaning the environment while educating the people on proper wastes sorting, recycling and disposal. It is simply the gamification of cleanup - a concept that started in Russia.

Our target is to have 100 volunteers who will be divided into 20 teams of 5 individuals each.

The teams will compete in collecting and bagging wastes by sorting them accordingly; for example, into plastic bottles, glass bottles, rubber slippers, polythene nylons, food wastes, etc. Points will be allocated to the teams, based on wastes collected.

The team with the highest number of bags of well sorted wastes will receive incentives and prizes. It will be fun, educating and impacting. Click here to participate:


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